A beginner’s guide to: Birth Charts – Part 1

Hi everyone, welcome to the Astrology Lane blog! This is where we will be creating a beginner’s guide to astrology with posts on your birth chart, numerology, tarot cards and more!

For our first blog post, we will be talking about your birth chart and what role each planet placement plays in making up your astrological identity. If you are unfamiliar with birth charts, we suggest using CafeAstrology’s free service to calculate your chart. It’s important to have your specific birth time and place as some placements change signs every hour, however it is still possible to create a somewhat accurate chart without some of this information.

Let’s get started!


Our three major signs, sun, moon and rising, create a big portion of our personal identity.

SUN – Sun signs are your main identity. They reflect your ego and who you truely are in any situation. Some people may feel that they do not fully identify with their sun sign and this is completely fine as the rest of your chart also has a major influence.

MOON – Moon signs represent our emotions and reactions. When making decisions, our moon signs tend to be the ruling force. It represents our unconscious self and our underlying traits. It can also highlight what we take the most comfort in.

RISING/ASCENDENT – Our rising or ascendent sign is how other people perceive us and is the first impression we give when meeting people. It is our impact on other people and the world. To find your rising sign, it is important to have your exact birth time as it changes almost hourly. Some people may also identify more strongly with their rising sign than their sun sign, which is totally fine!


The inner planets of our chart, Mercury, Venus and Mars, give more insight into our needs and wants in life and create core personality traits.

MERCURY – Our mercury sign represents how we think and communicate with others. It influences our logic and reasoning. When Mercury is in retrograde, you will notice issues within this area, as well as technological issues.

VENUS – Venus is in charge of our love life, relationships and beauty. It guides what we find attractive and what we are interested in. It influences the ways in which we approach love.

MARS – Mars is our overall energy and our actions. It represents our motivation to achieve goals and fulfil desires. Our Mars placement impacts on our passion, aggression and how competitive we are.


The outer planets of our chart highlight different aspects of our life and give a possible glimpse into future events in our lives.

JUPITER – Jupiter is a planet with optimistic energy. This placement has an influence on where we will find happiness and satisfaction within our lives. It highlights what aspects of our life we may have good fortune in and where we will have the most growth.

SATURN – Saturn shows us where we may find obstacles within our lives and ways to overcome them. It is the planet of discipline and responsibility, and reminds us to be practical. It represents our fears, but also our goals for the future.

URANUS – Uranus is often seen as the opposite force to Saturn. It tells us how we will express spontaneity and openness to new ideas and situations throughout our lives. It is what makes us unique.

NEPTUNE – Neptune has a longer cycle than the other planets and changes every 10-12 years. This means it sets a tone for a generation of people. It highlights dreams, desires and imagination. It can also influence where inspiration for creativity is found and our changing approaches to spirituality.

PLUTO – Like Neptune, Pluto also has a long cycle of 12-15 years. It represents evolution, transformation and the features of death and rebirth. It guides power and our ability to adapt to situations and ideas.

We hope this gave you a better understanding of the different influences each of your planet placements can have on your chart. This is just the beginning in terms of reading and understanding your birth chart.

Astrology Lane . x

Please feel free to message us through WordPress or Instagram with any astrology based questions and we will answer to the best of our ability or point you in the right direction to find your answer.

OTHER CHART PLACEMENTS , ASPECTS , HOUSES etc. will be explained in a future blog post.

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